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Suitable for UK right hand drive vehicles, this headlamp bender from the Eurolites range by Autocare mean your headlamps won't dazzle other drivers at night, essential for when driving abroad.

By law, at any time - day or night, when driving in Europe you must convert your headlamps to avoid dazzling other road users.

UK Vehicle headlamps are specifically designed for driving on the left hand side of the road. Consequently, when driving on the right in Europe your headlamps will shine into oncoming traffic.

This will severely dazzle other road users, is dangerous, illegal, and must be prevented at all times - night or day (including, rain, fog, etc.). Before driving on the continent, always ensure your vehicle is LEGALLY FIT FOR THE ROAD by adapting your headlamps.

  • Safely deflects headlamp beam when travelling abroad
  • Legal requirement for driving in Europe
  • Suitable for both halogen and Xenon / HID headlamps
  • Contains comprehensive fitting instructions for 800+ vehicles
  • 2-core acrylic adhesive for outstanding reliability

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Eurolite Beam Adaptors: £4.99