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Publication Year: 2023

Total Pages: 334

What's Inside

  • Edition : 2nd edition
  • Paperback : 334 pages
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1838404314
  • Product Dimensions : 21 x 14.8 x 2.1 cm
  • Publisher : Samantha Faircloth (1 October 2023)
  • Language: : English

Following on from the success of the first edition, this updated second edition of “The Caravan Handbook” contains invaluable advice for current owners, ‘newbies’ or anyone thinking about buying a caravan. Presented in a colourful, easy to follow A5 format, this 334 page handbook covers topics related to buying and storing, servicing and maintaining, towing and pitching, accessories, winter lay-up and much more. Fifteen chapters supported by hundreds of colour photographs with useful ‘Handy and Technical Tip’ panels throughout provide clear, concise advice on key points.

The Caravan Handbook endeavours to answer all the questions you might ask about choosing, purchasing, using and maintaining a caravan. This detailed and user-friendly guide provides essential reading for caravan owners, and anyone looking to take their first steps in the world of caravanning.

Includes Chapters on:

  • Purchasing a caravan
  • Storing your caravan
  • Towing a caravan
  • Accessories
  • Choosing and using awnings
  • Hitch-up and go
  • Choosing and using a site
  • Water and sanitation systems
  • Using a refrigerator
  • Using mains electricity
  • Using 12-volt electricity
  • Gas
  • Cooking and heating appliances
  • Servicing
  • Winter lay-up and spring preparation

Author Biography:

Sammy Faircloth is the daughter of the late John Wickersham, renowned for his top-selling books - Caravan Manual, Motorcaravan Manual and Build Your Own Motorcaravan. Having worked closely with her father, she has learnt much of what she knows from his extensive experience. In addition to being a keen caravanner, Sammy is also a regular contributor to the caravan and motorhome press. Her practical articles appear regularly in the Caravan and Motorhome Club members' magazine and Practical Caravan Magazine.

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The Caravan Handbook (Paperback): £19.99


Caroline Ward (Amazon)
"Perfect for a newbie!"

New to caravanning, gave us a bit of reassurance and reference! Easy to read and get support.


Anonymous (Amazon Verified Customer)
"Being new to caravanning, this book is an absolute must."

If you are new to caravanning (like me) then there are hundreds of complexities that I have been totally unprepared for.

Options are simple. Find a helpful person and take them everywhere you go, join lots of groups and spend hours searching for the right answer or; buy this book and just turn to the right page.

It's simply put, with lots of pictures and diagrams to help with understanding.

I think this will stay with me now as a reference if I think I know it, I can just sanity check and if I need a refresher on say, winter preps before storage. Its all in there.

A great read, and a must to include with any starter pack along with wheel locks, gas bottles and leisure battery.


Kevin Housham (Amazon)
"Great book"

Really enjoyed this book, had my caravan for a year but this is really good for topping up knowledge and as a quick reference. Also a good read while relaxing outside the van


Susan Gammell (Amazon
"Excellent book"

I found this book to be very informative. We have just gone back into caravanning after 10 years and this book helped in answering some of our questions.