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Publication Year: 2019

Total Pages: 106

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Featured new countries include:

Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Luxembourg.

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Over 90 pages featuring a total of 74 sites across Europe. Dispatched Free UK postage. Available in paperback and digital format. ISBN 9781909057920.

Today there are many more people that enjoy naturist campsites than one would think. Some are dedicated naturists who practise their way of life wherever they may and who in the UK may well belong to clubs of like-minded people. For others, especially those who have enjoyed sunbathing on one of the many designated naturist areas on European beaches and feel comfortable with it, the logical next step is to try a holiday in a naturist village or campsite.

This growing number of ‘holiday naturists’ clearly enjoy the relaxed atmosphere prevailing on naturist sites. If they are not members of British Naturism they can pick up a naturist card on the first site they visit.

The rules are simple: respect for the environment and for other visitors. You are encouraged to strip off but, in reality, it is up to you, except in and around the swimming pool where there is always a ‘no clothes’ rule. Clothes do tend to label people and without them there is a relaxed informality and sense of equality often missing in today’s ‘designer society’.

We feature some 70 naturist campsites in this guide and have been impressed by the friendly welcome and cultural aspects of their entertainment and range of activities – classical music beside the pool, walking trails to discover local wildlife or book-binding classes, for example. Most campsites make an effort to provide good entertainment and to make your holiday memorable; on the naturist sites in particular this is usually achieved quite elegantly without the frenzy that sometimes pervades more commercially minded sites.

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Featured Countries:

  • Austria
  • France
  • Germany
  • Great Britain
  • Italy
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Slovenia
  • Spain